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What is Bovine Colostrum?

Alpha-Lipid Lifeline is a blended food powdered drink with Colostrum powder, 1000mg of good calcium, vitamin B complex, mineral and probiotics (Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Bifidobacterium).

Why Bovine Colostrum?

In “Colostrum, Life’s First Food”, Dr. Daniel G. Clark’s basic message, as printed on the back cover of his book, is that “bovine colostrum rebuilds the immune system, destroys viruses, bacteria and fungi, accelerates healing of all body tissue, helps lose weight, burn fat, increase bone and lean muscle mass and slow down and even reverses aging.

Colostrum is the first mammary secretion that a mammal provides for its newborn for the first 24-48 hours. It contains all the goodness for the newborn to become a beautiful adult. Bovine colostrum is biologically transferable to all mammals, including men.

Thousands of research papers have shown bovine colostrum to be highly beneficial to human health.

How Does Alpha Lipid Pure Colostrum Benefits You and Your Family?

Support Life - Colostrum is literally ‘nature’s first food’. And it is different from other health supplements because it is a natural food substance that supports life. Newborns may not survive without taking colostrum. That’s also the reason why breast-fed babies were healthier.

Mucosal Immunity - With the tragic event of Brazilian model Mariana Bridi’s amputation of hands and feet before she dies, it’s long over-due to rethink how we fight bacteria and viruses. We should fight them the same way we fight viruses on our computers. That is BLOCK them out. If you study colostrum carefully, it may be the anti-virus software we need to block bacteria and viruses from entering our blood system. Blocking viruses from our blood system could prevent sepsis. Viruses entered our cell and changed the DNA. Blocking viruses entering the cell could also prevent virus-initiated mutation which could be the cause of many cancers such as HPV causing cervical cancer in women.

Autoimmune Diseases - Autoimmune diseases are caused by our own immune system. When our immune system starts to attack and destroy our own cells and tissues as if they were foreign invaders. This causes pain and inflammation to the affected areas.  Affected organ may also be damaged. Women’s immune system are more complex than men and therefore more prone to autoimmune diseases. Colostrum contains many immunomodulatory proteins (PRPs) to balance a woman’s immune function helping to lower the risks of autoimmune diseases. Pain in the knees may be the beginning of autoimmune disease. Lactoferrin in colostrum found to be able to alleviates some autoimmune diseases. Link

Protects and Fights Cancer - Colostrum is not a drug to prevent, treat or cure cancers. The US Center for Disease Control acknowledged the antiviral activity of colostrum (Link). This antiviral activity may block cancer causing viruses and indirectly reduced the risks of virus-initiated cancers.  

Enhances Brain Power - Research found a component called colostrinin in colostrum that could potentially enhance brain power and may have the potential to help people with Alzheimer’s disease in the future. Link

Irritable Bowel Syndrome - Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS is caused by the increased in permeability of the gut lining. This can happen due to the diet, alcohol and or medicine. Research shown colostrum to be able to restore the health of the gut. Regular intake of colostrum may eradicate the IBS problem.

Beautiful Skin - Colostrum has been shown to modify,  repair and rebuild the gut. Thus improving the absorption of nutrients and at the same time the elimination of toxic wastes. Various growth factors and Proline-Rich-Polypeptides found to benefit skin health. Drink Alpha Lipid Lifeline everyday for a more beautiful and healthy skin. Also consider using the Alpha Lipid Bee Venom.  A New Generation of skin care production originating in New Zealand using New Zealand’s Alpha Lipid Colostrum and New Zealand’s Bee Venom and Manuka Honey.

Better Recovery - Colostrum can be taken by men, women, young and old and also their pets such dogs and cats.  Alpha-Lipid Pure Colostrum with its numerous growth factors could help speed up cell repair and renewal. Take away the growth factors in our body and there isn’t much the body can do even if you will to give it the best of nutrients.

Travel Insurance - With Colostrum anti-bacteria and anti-virus activities as confirmed by US Center for Disease Control, taking colostrum along during a holiday trip may reduce the episodes of danger post by food and water. To learn more about diarrhea which may really ruined your travel and holiday, visit the University of Maryland Medical Center page on this link and there you’ll find Colostrum as one of the prevention options.

And also here is an excerpt from the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center website on bovine Colostrum:

“Results from clinical trials indicate that hyperimmune bovine colostrum, prepared by immunizing cows with the causative agent, is effective in treating diarrhea caused by rotavirus (2), by E. Coli (12) (18), and by Cryptosporidium parvum (3) (4). Preliminary data also suggest that oral administration of bovine colostrum may reduce postoperative endotoxemia during abdominal surgery (5) and postoperative C-reactive protein (CRP)-plasma levels in patients undergoing coronary bypass surgery (6). There is some evidence that bovine colostrum can prevent gastrointestinal damage caused by nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) (7) (19) and is effective in treating distal colitis (8).” For full detail, you may like to check it out at this link.

Pet Owners - Pet owners are adding Alpha Lipid Colostrum to their pet’s diet. Their pets got less skin infections. Colostrum improves health and lowers the healthcare costs. A friend of mine got rid of persistent skin infection of her dog after Alpha Lipid Pure Colostrum to its diet saving her much money spent on the Vet.

People with health challenges - Never stop your medicine without your doctor’s instruction. That can be dangerous. Take Alpha Lipid Colostrum and gave your body additional nutrients boost to help itself recovers better.

How to determine the quality of the colostrum products - Link

The Institute of Colostrum Research website

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3 Big Reasons For Taking Colostrum.

1.  Because of the various growth factors in the colostrum.

Without adequate growth factors, the nutrients in the food we eat, the vitamins and minerals will not be fully utilized for the repair of the body. Many good things we put into our body will be wasted. Growth factors are also extremely important for the skin.

2.  Because of the broad spectrum of immunoglobulins in the colostrum.

Immunoglobulins are soldiers that protects us from invasion of foreign objects such as bacteria and viruses. Imagine a country with low birth-rate and aging people. In time of trouble, you’ll need the soldiers of friendly allies to help out. Most importantly immunoglobulins (soldiers) in colostrum guard the major entry of hostile invasion, the gut. Just like the anti-virus software of personal computer. Blocking the entry of danger is a smarter choice.

3.  Because of the immunoregulatory proteins in colostrum.

Many people suffers from this thing called auto-immune disorder. This condition happens when our immune function goes haywire and many a time attack our own body organs. This is a mutiny. Like an air-conditioning system without a thermostat, lost control. Immunoregulatory proteins help optimize our defence system, preventing coup and keeping it in balanced.

Interesting research studies on colostrum.

Day-old domestic chicks were used to study the enhancement of long-term memory retention ...Link

A double-blind study showed a PRP complex isolated from bovine colostrum improves the condition of AD patients ... Link

A study on dolphins shown lactoferrin from colostrum prevented stress-induced adverse effects ... Link

The peptide lactoferricin derived from bovine milk lactoferrin decreases the rate of cell proliferation of a human colon cancer cell line ... Link

Recent findings (May 2009) also suggest that oral lactoferrin treatment may have an anti-inflammatory effect on pregnant women, reducing pregnancy complications ... Link

Immunomodulatory effects of bovine colostrum in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells ... Link