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Enseki Aojiru is 100% pure and totally organic kale. Besides fighting cancers with all its phytonutrients, kale is at the top of vegetables loaded with natural minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.  However, it is very important to go for the organically grown kale.

Good news for stroke patients? Enseki Aojiru had significant amount of GABA, and GABA as The Journal of Physiology in it's article "GABA: exciting again in its own right" reported, "Altogether, recent advances describing the role of GABA depolarization in neuronal progenitor development could lead to novel strategies for repair and repopulation of the damaged and aging brain."  Is this hope for recovery from stroke? Prevention of degenerative diseases of the brain?

GABA may also help those with migraines and Autistic children with better sleep and behavior.

Enseki Aojiru helps make you feel very much better while traveling long distance in a moving vehicle.

Enseki Aojiru helps you sleep better while abroad as well as at home.

Enseki Aojiru helps prevent constipation commonly experienced by people while traveling.

What is Kale?

Kale is a form of cabbage (Brassica oleracea Acephala Group), dark green or purple in colour. It is consider as a wild cabbage. Kale is a hardy plant and plant disease resistant compare to other vegetables.

Kale is a highly nutritious vegetable as you can see in the image below. What is interesting about Kale is besides all the nutrients, it contains powerful antioxidant properties and is anti-inflammatory.

Kale is very high in beta carotene, vitamin K, vitamin C, lutein, zeaxanthin, and reasonably rich in calcium. Especially these two carotenoids abundant in kale, lutein and zeaxanthin act like sun-block and help prevent damage to the eyes from excessive exposure to ultraviolet light. Several studies found people with a history of eating lutein-rich foods like Kale had a 22% lower risk of developing cataracts.  Enseki Aojiru contains significant amount of both lutein and zeaxanthin.

Lutein also found to have the ability to prevent atherosclerosis. An 18-month study from the University of Southern California found that in a group of 480 men and women aged 40 to 60 with no history of heart disease, those with the lowest serum lutein concentration had a five-fold greater increase in carotid artery thickness, a risk factor for heart disease, compared with those who had the highest serum lutein concentrations. This study also compared tissue cultures of cells exposed to various combinations of lutein and detrimental, low-density lipoprotein (LDL), which is known to promote arteriosclerosis. The researchers found that cells pretreated with lutein were protected against inflammation associated with LDL plaque formation, thereby confirming lutein’s protective effect against arteriosclerosis.  Incidentally, Enseki Aojiru uses a patented Far-Infrared Ray process which does not damage these carotenoids.  Enseki Aojiru contains significant amount of lutein.

Kale is also a rich source of organosulfur compounds. Increasing researches have shown the organosulfur compounds (Sulforaphane) in vegetables and fruits reduce the risk of many cancers, especially one of the most deadly forms, colon cancer.  These cancer-protective compounds such as Indole-3-carbinol have thus been the subject of intense research, particularly their role in blocking the growth of cancer cells and inducing cancer cell death (apoptosis). It is reasonable to say that eating enough of vegetables like Kale offers many health benefits and the best way to avoid pesticides is to drink 100% organic Enseki Aojiru.

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Key Benefits of Kale

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